Link Glossary

Automatic links - Links that are created by the system "…based upon patterns or Bayesian inferencing, or clustering…" or commands given by user. Various options are given for filtering their creation. (Meyrowitz, 1989).

Compound links - "links to links"(Nelson, 1993) - implying a visualization of structure.

Horizontal links - "Following paths and links to side paths" (NoteCards, Trigg, 1991).

Hot links - "…the automatic synchronization of two anchors at two ends of a link"(302).

Jumping links - "Using an index of keywords" (NoteCards, Trigg, 1991).

Keyword links - see Jumping links. (Conklin, 1987).

Navigational links - "…persistent tie between two anchors…bidirectional…can have more than one link emanating from that anchor, so it can be linked to many things"(Meyrowitz, 1989).

One-sided links - A link that can only be "pointed to" (Nelson, 1993). In HTML, this can be written <a name="come here">. (More like an anchor, really.)

Organizational links - Similar to Referential links, but specific to hierarchical structures; analogous to a directional command. (Conklin, 1987)

Referential links - A connection between two points, a 'reference'(or "link source) and a 'referent'(or "destination"). The 'reference' usually consists of a 'link point' or 'link region' to indicate the presence of a link. In some systems, this is a two-way connection, allowing "'backward' movement along the link"(33). This is the most common type of link since it is the one incorporated into the WWW. (Conklin, 1987)

Vertical links - "Following hierarchical structure" (NoteCards, Trigg, 1991).

Virtual links - One-way linking; the link could lead to a different node, or be a command - like a search query - to be executed when the link is selected. (Meyrowitz, 1989 from Halasz, 1988).

Warm links - links that are able to "exchange data" between nodes. "…We want to be able to push data that's in a selection in document A into document B"(Meyrowitz, 1989). Akin to calling a function in programming.

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